Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Charity Calls

Fourteen Poems, The Best of, II by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 34pp

Learning to Love the Self

When you have learned this,
you may continue with your baking,
mending, and scrubbing of the floors--
when you have learned to be gentle with
me, your own soul, I will comfort you,
I will help you, I will belong to you. 

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Rosy Benediction

The Blessing of the Meadow by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 146pp


Heart and earth
are the same letters
rearranged. It takes 
a brave heart to live
willfully on this
wild earth. 

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Love's Strong Cord

A Collection of Love Poems edited by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 52pp


She was
Very kind.
It was
The most
A man
The memory
Of it,
Even now,
Is salve
For the
Wound that
Never quite

Tim Shay

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Friday, June 29, 2018


Ten Poems, The Best of Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 26pp


You've said so
many beautiful
things to me. I
wish I could collect
them all together,
string them on a
necklace, and wear
them around my 

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Haven Days

Pictures and Poems about Haven by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 84pp

from Haven

If I did not have a 
home to feel safe in, 
I would not be able to 
write poems. The poems 
come from safety. They 
come from peace and 

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Garments of Splendor

Haiku by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 50pp


you just want to be yourself.
All striving ceases.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Emerge, Part Two

Poem Upon Poem by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 110pp

I Am Trying

I am trying to find
the balance between

waiting on God and
doing. Has anyone

found this balance?
Where did you find it?

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Emerge, Part One

Poem Upon Poem by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 114pp

from Emerge

I emerge from the house.
The earth beneath my feet is
soft and warm./...
The air is like a rose.
What kept me in the
house for so long?

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One Holy Passion

Musings by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 62pp

from Holy Passion

What is your holy passion--
your favorite holy
passion, I mean?

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City Dreams

Pictures and Poems about New York City by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 90pp

Time & Space

Artists need
time and space:
two very expensive things.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Life, A Poem

A Poem by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 50pp

from My Life

Hurrah for life and movement
and praise;
Let my life be long.

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Star And Other Essays

Essays by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 102pp

from Life Lessons From A Dancer

Do not compare yourself to others.
Everybody's journey is different. If you
have something to tell the world through
your dancing, then tell it. Be singular,
be brave, be unique. 

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When Awoken Sing

Poems and Artwork by Corinne-Valerie Marin
paperback, 157pp

from Silence

Voices of the heart cannot be stifled...
when awoken sing
like roosters crowing at dawn
after a long dark night.

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Endless Engagement

Pictures and Poems by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 140pp

The Art of the Divine

Dance is truly the art of the divine,
for all it requires is a body and soul.
And the Lord giveth both.

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The Soul's Bright Home

Collected Poems by Local Poets
paperback, 122pp, $12

Poetry soothes the soul because 
it's a vehicle to confront reality as 
well as escape it. After almost 
every poem I write I can feel my 
whole spirit exhale. (Dan Flore III)

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Delicate: Poems and Pictures

Poems and Pictures by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 101pp, $15

from Sweet Naivety

I am the sweet monster who feels
every feeling at once./...
hello, Naivety is my name.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Flora: Poems

Poems by Melanie M. Eyth
perfectbound, 64pp, $10

Tree Woman

If inside me a plant
started to grow, and fed
on sunlight and air just like
the other plants do; and the
appendages grew out my
mouth and nose, then
I could be called
Tree Woman.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noble Iniquity, Poems

Poems by Melanie M. Eyth
paperback, 52pp, $9


Her dressing is haphazard, and her

hair is a mess, but her voice is 
beautiful and her face pure.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Lowborn Sacrality: Poems

Poems by Melanie M. Eyth
#0981588719, paperback, 70pp, $10

Getting Dressed in the Morning

Fragrance and beauty; what
else must a woman wear?

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Mine Hands Are Mine Eyes And Other Precisely Poetic Thoughts

Written by Melanie M. Eyth
no ISBN, paperback, 44pp, $8.00

My hands are my most precious body part.
My eyes, too, and so I enjoy comparing the two.

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